“Taleem Do Vote Lo” 2nd Debate among local body candidates of Union Council Landay Kas

On May 29, 2015 2nd debate was held among the candidates of local body elections of Union Council Landay Kas, Mingora.

Innovative Youth Forum arranged a debate on the name of “Taleem Do Vote Lo” was attended by all the candidates of Union Council Landay Kas. They presented their manifestos before the voters one by one. People who attended the debate appreciated the move, saying it was beauty of democracy that all the candidates talked at the same platform and apprised people of their plans which would help them reaching a wise decision.  They appreciated the approach of IYF for the arrangement of such activity. The people saw first time all opposing candidates gathered at one platform and informed the electorate about their future plans. All the candidates pledged for educational development in union council Landay Kas. Mr. Bilawal Jamshed took pledge from all the candidates about their future plans for the development of union council.

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