Pashto Literature Festival 2015

IYF Swat chapter organized Pashto Literature Festival in G.H.S Amankot Swat on March 29, 2015. More than 200 people (Including Famous Poets, Educationalist, Students, Artists and Journalists) attend the event. In this event IYF team from Afghanistan, Dir, Buner, Shangla, Peshawar and Malakand participated. Its theme was to “Re-imagine the value Education in Literature”. Chairman Dr. Jawad Iqbal said that literature reflects the rise and fall of a society. He added our writers and poets should write progressive literature so that it boosts the development of our nation. In this event poetry sessions, cultural display and local food entertained the guests. Scholars present on the occasion said the role of literature is indispensable if positive change has to be brought about in a society. Khadim Hussain Managing Director Bacha Khan Trust Education Foundation said that these kind of gatherings are indicators of progress as history shows developed nations consider the significance of their language, culture and literature.

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