Life Savers Blood Donation Campaign

IYF has officially launched a blood donation campaign “Life Savers Blood Donation Campaign” to help poor and helpless patients. IYF started this campaign on social media after helping 103 patients in district Swat by donating more than 120 pints of blood in last 16 months.

This campaign was initially started on SMS in district Swat in May 2015 by IYF Chief Coordinator Muhammad Adnan Eagle. Carers of patients contacting him for blood donation by providing location detail, blood group and contact No. He further forward a simple SMS to blood donors group registered with IYF in Swat and also forward it to his mobile contacts for the concerned location with the additional request to forward it as much as possible. Beside it he also share blood request on Social Media i.e. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We are hopeful after achieving this milestone of saving 103 lives. If we together continued and extend this campaign to every District and Tehsil of Pakistan then we can save thousands of lives everyday. Blood Donation is very beneficial for health. Its decrease the chances of Heart Attack, Improves overall cardiovascular health, lowers the risk of stroke, enhance the production of new blood cells and also lowers the risk of cancer.

IYF is trying to extend this campaign across the country for which the easiest way is Social Media. This campaign is named as “Life Savers Blood Donation Campaign”  because blood donors actually saves lives and each donor is a Life Saver. IYF launched a Facebook page, Instagram Account and Twitter account on the name of Life Savers to promote blood donation campaign in the whole country.

It’s our request to all that please join and support us in this campaign to cure humanity because life is a precious gift from Allah and we have to save this precious gift by donating blood to other whenever they need it”

Like/follow Life Savers social media campaign and suggest it to your friends to reach and help more people.





For blood donation in Swat please contact: +92 303 850 08 998 / 0334 933 73 88

You can also become a part of this campaign in your area, please join us.