IYF Member Highlighted Earthquake Effected School

Thanks to Khwaja Iqbal Hussain, Member Innovative Youth Forum for identifying and highlighting the Govt High School Amnovi, District Shangla, effected by 2005 earthquake which is still not reconstructed after elapsing 12 years. The last two Governments didn’t took interest in its reconstruction and the current Govt claims the education emergency then why this school left symbolic as orphan.

Khwaja Iqbal Hussain is an active member of Innovative Youth Forum belong to District Shangla he realized the issue and took action. He raised his voice through social media by recording video.

After the video screening on Social Media the concerned education department took action and start construction work on the emergency basis.

We proud of such action taken by Khwaja Iqbal Hussain. The members of IYF are empowered and can bring positive changes in the society with their efforts.

Click Here to Watch Video