Innovative Youth Awards 2015 Updates

Pakistan’s Biggest Youth Awards “Innovative Youth Award 2015” has been rescheduled on 5th December at Wadodia Hall, Saidu Sharif Swat.

Innovative Youth Awards 2015 (IYA2015) was postponed due to earthquake incident happened on 26 of October. Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) Chairman, Dr Jawad Iqbal announced on 12th November that Pakistan’s Biggest Youth Awards, Innovative Youth Awards (IYA) will be held on December 5 in the beautiful Swat Valley.

All arrangements for the awards are in full zoom, national and international celebrities from media, sports, showbiz and political figures will be participating in the event. IYF President Bilawal Jamshed said that it is for the first time that a national level event is offered in the scenic beautiful valley of Pakistan, it is an opportunity for all the participants to enjoy the snowfall in swat along with the peak of excitement in the awards ceremony. IYF Chief Coordinator Muhammad Adnan told that a total of eight awards will be given for which we have received 1422 applications. The nominees will be finalized by the experts committees, which will be reviewed by a secret board. Mr. Adnan added that a crystal clear transparency has been ensured in the selection of awards. The lucky nominees will be announced soon.

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