Eid Day Sacrificed by IYF Member for Humanity

Noor Zeb Shah Senior Activist from IYF got news early in morning onĀ 1st Day of Eid that 3 kids were hit by a wall fallen in Chikrai village near Fateh Pur 3 days ago, one of which died and other two lying in hospital having not even money for injections.

Noor Zeb Shah sacrificed his eid and collected Rs.12000/- among which Neelum chattan found a donation of Rs.3000/- while Fazal Rabi Pukhtunyar raised Rs.6000/- along with a video report on Swat News. Alkhidmat Foundation brought rashan for them while Dr. Jamil Neuro Surgeon with the help of DMS announced free operation for them on coming Wednesday along with free medicines as the shoulders and legs are broken of them and it was a cost of Rs.180,000/-which was saved with the efforts of Noor Zeb Shah. We feel proud and passionate to cure the society
Thank u Neelum Chattan, Fazal Rabi and Swat News and all others who supported in the cause.

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