Innovative Youth Awards 2017

Call for Partnership at IYA2K17

Innovative Youth Awards (IYA) is an award show being organized by Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) which is youth led social enterprise working voluntarily to cure the society through innovations.
Youth has been defined by Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) as, “Youth is a state of mind not a matter of age, characterized by the peak of enthusiasm to achieve the ambitious goals.”
IYF twice organised youth awards i.e IYA2014 and IYA2015.

About Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) – The Organizing Body:
Innovative Youth Forum (IYF) is a youth led social enterprise working voluntarily to cure the society through innovations. It was founded on 17th of August, 2011 and is registered under Societies Act 1860 (registration number 7570).
We empower the youth through recognizing their talent and hard work with the help of IYA every year.
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Previously awards categories and awardees were:

Awards categories in #IYA2015:
1. Best Young Leader
Awardee: Maria Malik from Lahore
2. Innovative Initiative
Awardee: Fahad Zeb from Islamabad
3. Passionate Teacher
Awardee: Saleem Akhtar from Nowshehra
4. Change Making Activist
Awardee: Sana Ejaz from Peshawar
5. Peace Entrepreneur
Awardee: Haji Zahid Khan from Swat
6. Social Artist
Awardee: Bilal Uddin from Malakand
7. Outstanding Researcher
Awardee: Muhammad Ilyas from Swat
Details about #IYA2015:

#IYA2014 categories and Awardees:
• Innovative Initiative : Rehmat Aziz from Chitral
• Outstanding Researcher: Faisal Gulzar from Sargodha
• Best Young Leader: Tajdar Alam from Khyber Agency
• Passionate Teacher: Iffat Nasir from Swat
• Change Making Social Activist: Azra Nafees Yousafzai from Peshawar
• Best Educational Leader: Prof. Ismail from Swat
• Awe Inspiring Teacher: Prof Usman Ali from Swat
• Ethical Media Activist: Talat Hussain Journalist from Islamabad
• Peace Activist: Ahmad Shah from Swat
Details about #IYA2014


Every year IYF try to organize IYA with new theme and best arrangements as it’s the biggest youth awards across the country. Many reputed organization and businesses join us as partners in different capacities. Here is a big chance of promotion because it’s three months remaining till the commencement and IYF tries his best in the promotional campaign on different platforms and we have a huge audience on social media. Also in IYA there will be huge numbers of participants. Last time more than 2000 people participated across the country in IYA so it’s a golden chance for organizations to join #IYA2k15 as a Partner.

Drop your proposals at our email:

Or Send your proposal to: Innovative Youth Forum B-2 Azeem Khan Plaza, Makan Bagh Mingora District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Areas of collaboration/partnership in IYA:
1. Organizing
2. Marketing
3. Foods/refreshments
4. Lodging (hotels/guest houses)
5. Transportation
6. Lightening
7. Advertising
8. Events management consultancy
9. Stalls/info desks
10. Graphic designing
11. Stage performances
12. IT
13. Ambassadors
14. Sponsor
a. Monetary sponsorship
b. Non-monetary sponsorship
15. Media
a. Television
b. Radio
c. Print media
i. News papers
ii. Magazine
iii. Digest
d. Web media
i. Websites
ii. Social media sites

Benefits to the Partners:
• Announcement in start and end of program
• Information desk/stall
• Shield prize on stage
• Chance of speech of thanks
• Press release
• Name/Logo in Marketing Campaign till event
o 500 vehicle banners
Buses who move to all big cities of the country
o Bill boards
o Large banners in hall
o Stand banners (self sponsored by sponsors)
o Organizers’ certificates
o Performers’ certificates
o Organizer cards
o Tickets
o Passes
o Invitation cards for special guests
o Promo videos
o Event brochure
o Event video documentary
o Magazine after event
o Printed DVD’s of event
And much more benefits as per the amount of sponsorship.



The first season of Innovative Youth Awards – IYA 2014 was organized on 18th of May, 2014 in Wadodia Hall, Swat which was attended by 1500 delegates from all over the country. The show was organized by IYF in collaboration with:
@ Bargad Organization For Youth Development,
@ Innovators Network (Association of all youth groups),
@ Sarosh Academy,
@ Pak Marketing,
@ Nisa Orphans Trust,
@ Eleven-11 Pizza,
@ Malala Fund
@ PEPSI Pakistan
@ Sajid Graphics


2nd Innovative Youth Awards IYA2015 was organised on 5th December, 2015 in Swat.
Event Sponsors were:
@ Pepsi Pakistan
@ Afghan TV,
@ Sarosh Academy,
@ Pak Marketing,
@ The Awakening,
@ United Girls for Peace,
@ Aspiron Concepts,
@ Sajid Graphics,
@ Murad Ad,
@ SirGWeb,
@ Hunarkada,
@ Technology Times,
@ Hotel Intercon etc.

Categories and criteria for #IYA2K17 will announced soon

Office Address:
B-2 Azeem Khan Plaza, Makan Bagh, Mingora District Swat

For more details about IYA 2014:

For details about IYA 2015: