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(Last date to apply is 15th October, 2015)

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What is IYA?

Innovative Youth Awards (IYA) is Pakistan’s biggest youth awards. It is held once in a year in the beautiful valley of Swat. IYA is facilitating youth for their innovations and achievements in different fields of life

Our definition of Youth:

Youth is a state of mind not a matter of age, characterized by the peak of enthusiasm to achieve the ambitious goals. There is no age limit for applying to Innovative Youth Awards.

Idea of IYA:

The idea of Innovative Youth Awards (IYA) was generated in 2011 by few youngsters to acknowledge the innovative practices and achievements by the youth. Last Year Innovative Youth Awards 2014 was held on 18th May, 2014 at Wadodia Hall, Saidu Sharif Swat and gave award in eight prestigious categories.  This year Innovative Youth Awards 2015 ( #IYA15 ) will be held on 31st October in Wadodia Hall Swat.

Awards Categories  in IYA 2015:

There are seven Awards categories have been finalized for IYA 2015:

1. Best Young Leader
2. Innovative Initiative
3. Passionate teacher
4. Ethical media activist
5. Change making activist
6. Peace Entrepreneur
7. Social Artist
8. Outstanding Researcher (New)

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