26th February Sharai Pakool Day (شړئ پکول ورځ)

Innovative Youth Forum is going to celebrat the cultural day of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the name of $#SharaiPakoolDay (شړئ پکول ورځ) on 26th February in Swat for the first time in the history to recognize the value and importance of Pakhtun cultural dress. It will be celebrated every year and our aim is to recognize it internationally

To support the industry of sharai pakol
To let the world know about the beauty of our cultural dress
To create another flavor in tourism of the area
To build a soft image of our society

History and Importance of Sharai Pakool:
Pashtun and other indigenous cultures are based on Islam and Pashtunwali, which is an ancient way of life, as well as speaking of the Pashto language and wearing Pashtun dress. The culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is highlighted since at least the time of Herodotus (484-425 BC) or Alexander the Great, when he explored the Afghanistan and Pakistan region in 330 BC. The Pashtun culture has little outside influence, and, over the ages, has retained a great degree of purity.

Preparations for Sharai Pakool Day (شړئ پکول ورځ)

Sharai Pakol are the integral dress components of the inhabitants living in the geographical vicinity of different t Parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The dress is not only a source to keep the people warm but also a symbol of identification. Unfortunately, the Sharai Pakol is least attracted by the youth due to the bad narrative developing against it by certain forces. The production industries of the area are producing less as compared to the past. A need of the day is to celebrate the day with a strive to declare a day for the celebration of Sharai Pakol Day to have its assertive identification.

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VENUE: Khpal Kor Foundation Makan Bagh Mingora Swat

Time and Date: 26th February, 2 PM

For Details:
Call / SMS: +92 311 171 8787
Email: m.adnan@innovativeyouthforum.org
Website: www.innovativeyouthforum.org  

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